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Wood panel wall art – The ideal way to turn your home into a cozy home is to decorate a room by hanging your own piece of wood on the wall. Use your creativity and hang it in any corner of your house. This painted woodwork will give your wall a personal touch and add color to your life, creating a perfect personal decoration. Before you begin to make your work of art, think about where you want to hang this decorative panel and measure the size you would like it to have. Once you are clear, pass these measurements to your plywood board and draw the panel with a pencil and ruler.

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How to make wood panel wall art, now you must cut the plywood board with the measurements that you marked in the previous step. Use a circular saw and always wear safety gloves. Take your time, it is best to do it slowly to get a better result and avoid taking unnecessary risks with this tool.

After that to make wood panel wall art, group the different slats and place them on the top of the board to define the final design of your art panel. If some slats are longer, do not worry: you can use them equally. The objective is to alternate battens of different sizes to create an irregular and more original composition. Mark the slats that are too long at the correct size to cut them later. When you are finished, you can take a picture of the final set or enumerate the slats, as it can be difficult to memorize the position of each batten if you have many.

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