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November 13, 2020 Antique Dressers

Antique Dresser Pulls Inspirations

Home antique dresser pulls and handle can give a customized look for kitchens, bathrooms or any other cabinets in your home. Decide on the look and the theme you want the Manjita to have – as a modern and contemporary country, or nautical. Extract from a hobby, favorite vacation destination or anything that may reflect your personality. Also, think about the atmosphere and the design already in place. Locate the materials for the cabinet pulls. If you use smaller items like keyboard keys like pulls, group them or use glue gun or solder stick to larger purchased cabinet pulls.

Antique Dresser Drawer Pulls

Antique Dresser Drawer Pulls

Choose items from around the house and give them a new purpose. Items that could be used include international travel souvenir coins, stones, beach glass, the keys of an old computer keyboard, bottle tops or even Scrabble tokens. For a custom look mold polymer clay forms (available at craft stores). Make sure the shape and material feel comfortable on your fingers. Change the color or texture of the cabinet strip with paint or other materials, if desired. Apply the paint before the Assembly, and then install the strip.

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If the cabinets have plain-Jane handle strip, add excitement with yarn and ball ornaments. To create these ornaments, buy heavy-gauge wire and glass beads in colors found in your decoration. Look for beads that are made of thick glass that can withstand the rigors of daily use and clean easily. Strip can be grimy over time. Using tweezers, cut strips of heavy-gauge wire about two to three times the size of your current antique dresser pulls. String of pearls in these cable lengths. Wrap the wire tightly around your cabinet handle in a circular manner, fixing them on the end of bending the wire back and press with your pliers.

Make your current knob strip a little more exciting with simple button additions. To begin this craft, remove the strip cabinet and take them to a craft store. Selection buttons that cover the entire end of the knob. Buy the same buttons, or create an eclectic look by mixing and matching buttons. After selecting the buttons, attach them to the strip with hot glue. This option is especially suitable for a room that is used for crafts, as it gives the space a decidedly cunning feeling. Swap your standard round knob strip for the options in a slightly more interesting and attractive way.

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Buy some small pre-cut wood forms at a craft store. Look for forms of this type in the general art section. You can find thick wood trimmings, such as teddy bears or clouds that are meant to be painted and used as decorative pieces. Painting or finishing these wood shapes for all tastes and matches the space. Remove the existing strip and put these new ones in place, using a drill make a pilot hole and screw with the same screw that serves to connect the previous strip. Place a thick washer or stack of several thin washers behind each new antique dresser pulls to make sure it is slightly out of the cabinet.

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