6 Drawer Dresser White Plan Ideas

Mar 12th
Wood Drawer Dresser White
Wood Drawer Dresser White

6 drawer dresser white – It is irritating to try to push a closed dresser drawer and it suddenly stops. Make your fingers catch and increase frustration. Old or older wooden dressers tend to be affected by the humidity levels in a house. Wood stove heat summer, heat and rainy weather can affect the furniture of a house. The swelling and drying of the dresser materials cause the wooden crates to stick inside the opening. Save the dresser and keep the drawers for an easy slide open and close. Pull the drawer out of the sideboard unit. If it sticks quickly, move the piece of furniture near a safe source of heat and let sit a few days. Try removing the drawer again after the heater temperature reduces inflammation.

Check the 6 drawer dresser white to see if there are any protruding nails or pieces of wood that is causing the problem. Look in the sideboard to see if something has fallen in the area that the drawer may move correctly. Remove any obstruction. Use a hammer to remove any nail protruding from the wood and replace it with a new one. Reinforce the metal parts or rub or spray lubricant on the parts. If a piece of metal is bent, rusted or broken replace with a new one. Rub beeswax, a white candle or a flat bar of soap along the bottom and sides of the bottom of the drawer. Lubricate the comfortable interior areas that the drawer slides over. Check the bottom of the drawer for any irregular area if it is still sticking. Sand the uneven portions of wood that keeps the drawer moving smoothly.  Re-apply the lubricant, soap or beeswax and insert the drawer of the dresser.

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Painting 6 drawer dresser white can really fix a bedroom. With some simple sources and a well-ventilated area, any do-it-yourself can give new life to a stale dresser. The color of the right paint and correct application are both key to the successful restoration of a cabinet with drawers. Take your dresser to a well-ventilated place, preferably outdoors, but a garage or basement will suffice. Set the furniture on top of a cloth in order to protect the surface from below.

Cover or remove any hardware you do not want painted with masking tape. Put on your mask to avoid inhaling fumes and sanding dust and paint. Use 200-grit sandpaper to sand the surface of your dresser and prepare it for priming and painting. Use a damp sponge to gently clean the surface of the dresser. Dry the chest of drawers completely with a dish or a hand towel. Open the primer can. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the application and apply. Be sure to cover the entire surface of the chest. Allow the primer to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Open the paint can with a screwdriver or butter knife. Use stick mixture in thoroughly stirring the paint. Dip the brush into the paint and wipe off any excess on the side of the can. Apply a coat of paint to the entire surface of your dresser. Make sure the paint is applied evenly, without drips or lumps. Pay special attention to the corners. Allow to dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Determine if your dresser requires a second coat of paint. If so, apply a second coat once the first one is completely dry. Follow the instructions in the previous step and let it dry completely.

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